Climate of Georgia

- Weather in south Caucasus -

Georgia is split in two by the Surami Pass, creating a dry continental climate in the eastern part of the country, ideal for vineyards, and a humid sub-tropical climate in the West towards the Black Sea, famous for its citruses and tea. 

The wide variety of micro-climates makes for a very diverse fauna and flora, and wonderful sights from lush forests to beaches and from snowy mountains to bamboo forests.  The average temperature of Georgia is around 3 degrees Celsius in winter and around 23 degrees in summer; of course it gets colder the closer you are the mountains. 

Changes in climate are important across the territory of Georgia.

Along near the Black Sea, the climate is temperate and subtropical. It is particularly sweet in the plain of Colchis who has winters of great leniency where the temperature never falls below 4 ° C. Summers are characterized by great heat and intense humidity. They extend back late in the season. It is not uncommon to see again in October temperatures above 20 ° C. The vegetation is abundant and tea and citrus find their field of choice.

Tbilisi is experiencing very hot summers and very long winters where the cold is rarely intense. The snow rarely falls and the temperature is around O ° C.

The mountain range of Greater Caucasus protects the country from extreme cold. It plays the role of a powerful barrier to change, bend and even stop the masses of cold air from northern lands. It should be noted that the influence of the Black Sea makes the slopes west wetter. However, summer temperatures rarely exceed 14 ° C beyond 2000 m. The east slopes are characterized by a more continental climate with lower temperatures and drier air.

In the eastern Georgia Kakhèthie has a continental climate with hot summers and dry.

The terraces located on the southern plateau suffer severe winters because of their altitude (1500 to 2000m).




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